Erdogan of Turkey becomes unwell on television, canceling campaign events.

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Tuesday night’s live broadcast ended abruptly as it became apparent  that President Erdogan wasn’t feeling well.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has halted  election campaigning after becoming ill during live TV  interview that was abruptly cut short.

He took 20-minute break and then came back, claiming to have “serious stomach  flu” following two days of vigorous campaigning. The election campaign for Mr. Erdogan, 69, is his most challenging  to date.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the principal figure in the opposition, has been  selected to represent coalition of six political groups. He joined other opposition figures in wishing the president quick  recovery.

According to recent polls, the contest between the two candidates is close, and Mr. Kilicdaroglu has a decent chance of winning the elections on May 14—with a possible presidential run-off two weeks later.

On Wednesday, President Erdogan initially canceled three events in central Anatolia, claiming doctors had urged him to stay at home.

The launching of Turkey’s first nuclear power station at Akkuyu on the Mediterranean coast was among the Thursday activities he then postponed. The construction of Akkuyu’s four nuclear reactors, which are largely owned by the Russian company Rosatom, took several years, and its opening was scheduled to coincide with the election.

Vladimir Putin of Russia and Mr. Erdogan will both watch the  inauguration electronically. President Erdogan fell ill during the live broadcast on Tuesday night  on the pro-government networks Ulke TV and Kanal 7, when he was surrounded by several journalists.

Before the screen went blank after one of the interviewers posed question, the camera captured the journalist appearing more and more  frightened. At some point, Mr. Erdogan made comeback to say that he had  previously thought about canceling the initiative. Of course, with our hectic schedules, we occasionally run into these  circumstances.

Within hours following the broadcast, rumors that Mr. Erdogan had suffered heart attack started to circulate on certain social media accounts outside of Turkey. Using social media to “categorically reject such baseless claims” regarding the president’s health, Mr. Erdogan’s communications director  Fahrettin Altun tweeted screenshots of the accounts making the claims

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