What forms of gender-based violence are there?

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types of violence against women?

Four different types of gender-based violence exist:

sexual assault
Physical abuse
psychological aggression
Financial violence
sexual assault

Sexual violence is any sexual action that takes place without the parties’ permission. Any sexual activity with a minor under the age of 18 is sexual violence.

Examples include forced marriage, forced abortion, forced sex, genital mutilation, early or forced marriage, denial of the right to reproductive health, and sexual harassment.

a physical offense

hitting or physically harming someone in order to cause them harm because of their gender (male or female)

Physical harm, such as kicking, strangling, slapping, shoving, and grabbing, are some examples.

behavioral violation

any conduct that can be threatening or harmful to someone due to their gender.

Examples include intimidation, prejudice, disdain, stigma, harassment, and threats.

Financial violence

power abuse or unfairness in financial management.

Examples include wasting money at home, starvation, denying inheritance rights, and working hard without getting paid.

main message

Gender-based violence can affect anyone, male or female. You should be aware of and combat gender-based violence. You should contact the police immediately if there is violence so they can respond quickly.


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