Stay away from sugar mummies for a successful future.

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Sugar mummies are mature women who engage in a variety of ruses, including offering gifts (such as cell phones, outfits, and shoes), rides, and requests for visits to their homes. With the intention of having sex with you, they claim to have new gifts and tell you about them.

What can happen to me if I accept the presents from sugar moms or comply with their requests?

being infected with syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted illnesses.
a young person’s addiction to sexual activity.
school abandonment
Your parents, guardians, relatives, and friends won’t respect you.
What do I do if I come upon a sugar mummy?

Be resilient and resist all of her temptations.

Inform your parents, legal guardians, the police, or any trustworthy person.
Never accept gifts or offers from sugar mommas because they usually involve sexual activity, which can have negative effects as previously mentioned.
main message

Tell a sugar baby no and let them know you’re not for sale. In that situation, you will be shielded from the possibility of contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Teenage boys should be aware that nothing can ever take the place of their bodies.

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