Male adolescence changes

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Physical, psychological, and behavioral changes characterize adolescence. Depending on how the body is operating, those changes may begin early or late.

bodily modifications

growth in height
enlarged chest
creation of the genitalia
pubic and underarm hair growth
growth of chest and face hair
voice gaining in volume
Undry dream

behavioral and psychological change

want to interact with people of the opposing sex
Making decisions quickly without considering the repercussions
a desire for sexual activity
Having a peer group
bragging and haughtiness
main message

The main indication that an adolescent may become pregnant from unprotected sex and subsequently contract HIV/AIDS and STDs is a wet dream.

If you fall into this category, you must speak with your parents or legal guardians or use the resources available in the youth corner (the health center’s area designated for teenagers) to find reliable information.

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